The original building, when it was Packard Dealership.

The building today, home of Lenny’s Classic Car Collection.


816 Green Ave, Altoona, PA


Tour #1 of Lenny’s Classic Car Collection - Musuem Tour.

Tour #2 of Lenny’s Classic Car Collection - Musuem Tour.

The Story from  the Original Owners Penn-Overland Company of the LCCC Building.

Joan Pore the Granddaughter of L.E. Frey the Original Owner of the Penn-Overland Company. Where Lenny's Classic Car Collection is located today! Enjoy the old vintage film of the dealership.

Building History,

The building was built in the winter of 1920. It was first designed as an three-story building but was changed to a four-story building during construction. The building was opened on Tuesday June 14, 1921. The building consist of brick, concrete, and steel. When it was first opened the first floor was the  sales area and the other floors were manufacturing of the cars.

The first floor today is the car display, and party area.   The second floor is an repair shop and parts room with painting. The third floor is storage. The fourth floor is an storage space for cars waiting to be restored or that can’t be displayed because lack of space. There is an elevator that carries the cars to different floors of the building.

Different companies have moved in and out of the building through the years. The first company was Willeys, this company was in the building from 1922 to 1924. The second company was the Chrysler company and stayed there from 1924 to until 1952. Faith vending moved in during 1980 until they closed. The building sat vacant for about 12 years until Lenny Fiore came. In 2014 Lenny bought the building and now has over 30 plus cars inside either on display or in storage.