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1957 T-Bird with Birds-Nest

1962 Thunderbird

The Ford Thunderbird was produced from 1961 to 1963. The one here at Lenny’s Classic Car Collection is from 1962. The car included a FE V8 engine with a Cruise-O Magic MX automatic transmission. In 1962 78,011 Thunderbirds were produced. Introduced with the car was a vinyl roof feature. Most people think of the Ford Thunderbird as a sports car but really it is a luxury car.  The car came equipped with Kelsey Hayes wire wheels and a swing-away steering wheel.

The Ford Thunderbird were produced from 1955 to 2005. The Thunderbird here at Lenny’s Classic Car Collection is from 1957. 16,155 Thunderbirds were sold in 1955.  The Thunderbird here is a two-seater car.  The Thunderbird was changed in design in 1957 by a reshaped bumper, larger grille, tail fins, and larger tail lights. The engine is a V8 engine that can produce 245 horsepower. The Ford Thunderbird includes a birds nest, a birds nest is a extra seat in the back of the car that can fit 2-3 people. The bird nest can be used as a trunk for storage.

1928 Ford Model A

The Ford Model A was produced from 1927 to 1931. The one on display here at Lenny’s Classic Car Collection is from 1928. The Model A was launched on October 20, 1927 and production stopped in March 1932. The engine is an L-head 4-cylinder and a 3-speed sliding gear manual transmission.  (This Ford Model A, was part of Lenny’s father collection  - L.S. Fiore)